Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What is the Problem?

In light of the direct assault on democracy and gross mismanagement on the part of USD 259 officials, it seems that responding to one little letter to the editor in the Wichita Eagle would be a waste of time. But this little tid-bit from Greg Mudd's letter from April 26th caught my attention:

"What makes me sick are the number of people in this city who complain that their taxes will go up but who have no solution to the problems and no real knowledge of the condition of the schools. If you don't have a solution to the real problems, don't complain."

I sympathize with Mr. Mudd. It is troubling to see people complain about their taxes going up yet offering no solutions to resolve the real problems. Indeed, the only thing more sickening are the number of people in this city who want to raise taxes who have no solution to the real problems.

Mr. Mudd, money is not a solution.

USD 259 has been failing for years. The district was recently boasting about a 76% graduation rate. Ok, 76% might be "C" work in the classroom, but it also means that 24% of Wichita students are not graduating.

So, Mr. Mudd and others are left with the question, what are the "real problems" of the district? Lack of football fields? Lack of swimming pools? Cafeterias that are too small? Are those the "real problems"? Would additional millions of dollars funnelled from homeowners to Shaefer, Johnson, Cox & Frey some how improve the graduation rates?

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