Friday, April 4, 2008

An Interesting Version of Democracy or Simple Outrage

CARE, the curious little group of Bond supporters, is asking for a "time-out", a "mulligan", a "re-do". Frankly, I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what they are asking for because there isn't a term in our American political lexicon for what they are requesting. The only thing that seems to fit is "Outrage!".

Seems that the bond supporters are going to be asking for an "extension" because, in the words of Sarah Olson, co-coordinator of CARE, the delay "would give us more time to get the message out, because it's a more complicated message this time than it was in 2000." (that is..."we just saw our internal polling and it doesn't look good.")

The USD259 version of democracy allows the district simply change the rules as they see fit.

I hope this isn't what the Wichita Schools are teaching in Civics classes. Oh, and all that fluff about the financial importance of having a bond vote early...just disregard. (how many days will that take to come off the USD259 website?)

Never mind that USD 259 is already spending tax dollars to advertising the bond issue. You've got to love the line at the end about not keeping track of what is being spent on advertising for the bond issue. They probably won't keep track of how much is spent reprinting all the materials with new dates.

What remains to be seen is if the School Board's version of democracy includes inviting citizens opposed to the Bond issue to the meeting proposed by CARE, and will carefully consideration of the Kansas Open Meetings Act.

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