Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More USD 259 Website Fun

This shrill headline from an allegedly neutral source of information, the USD 259 website:

FACT CHECK: The Wichita Public School’s response to false statements said against the bond issue

Despite the childish sounding response of the taxpayer funded mouthpieces at the Administration building, and poor English, it might be fun to explore a few of the "false statements":

-The administration claims that 700 jobs a year were supported by the 2000 bond issue. There is no breakdown of how many jobs were supported at what contracting firms, or which architecture firm...but we already know the answer to that question.

If the BOE is going to take money out of the economy and direct it to the construction industry, perhaps they should consider other forms of economic development. Maybe USD259 should buy a corporate jet. That would put some folks in Wichita to work. Kevass Harding and Connie Dietz could each give me $20 out of their own pocket. That's $40 more economic development in our fair city.

-Existing buildings are the most cost ineffiencent solution.
Oddly enough, the analysis of this isn't to be found on the USD 259 website. The analysis of why holding the bond vote in May is still up on the website though.

-The capacity figures quoted by those against the bond issue are from outdated sources.
This blog simply used the most recent figures provided on the USD 259 website. It is probably too much to ask that the administration provide the taxpayers of Wichita with up-to-date information on the website, instead of openly campaigning in favor of the bond issue.


Anonymous said...

The page you refer to at USD 259 is chock-full of FACTS. I guess if you use capital letters and bold type, your words become much more PERSUASIVE.

I'm surprised they didn't sprinkle in a few exclamation marks so that their FACTS become real!!

Anonymous said...

Wait for all the new brochures that the District is going to reprint with the new election day. Those will have plenty of exclamation marks!!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought this was curious:

"If the district were to be at 100% capacity district-wide, class sizes would be unacceptably high."

So what concept does "capacity" represent?