Monday, February 18, 2008


Every once in a while, we all see something that at first appears normal, then suddenly strikes us as odd after thinking about it for a while. Lynn Rogers' editorial in the Sunday Wichita Eagle is one of those things. His piece was a point by point explanation of why we need another multi-million dollar bond issue, but was accompanied by an article that ended on an interesting note...

"The board hasn't decided what to do if the bond issue fails, said board vice president Lynn Rogers.

'We've not talked about any Plan B. I don't think there is one,' he said."

It's frightening that our school board and leadership are so shortsighted that they cannot, or will not, contemplate how to manage our school district without running up debt, and refinancing old debt.

It's common knowledge that USD 259 has been planning a bond issue for some time. The pieces are in place and the process is underway. The Eagle has already endorsed the bond issue based on a visit from Winston Brooks, Connie Dietz and Lynn Rogers.

Since USD 259 has an extensive Public Relations Department that will be doing everything possible to promote this bond issue and spin their version of the facts to support a 'need', I thought it might be interesting to shed a little light on a few of their facts. Welcome to Wichita 259 Truth.

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