Friday, February 29, 2008

The Overcrowding Myth


Kids packed like sardines in classrooms, barely able to move about, unable to hear the teacher, and no elbow room to work on their math problems.

Of course that's not an acceptable scenario. So how do we fix the problem? The first step, would be to figure out how overcrowded Wichita schools really are.

Using USD 259 statistics (I already saved it, don't bother taking it down now)

It looks like the total district has capacity for 55,437 students. With a total enrollment of 48,770 that means existing facilities are being used at 88% capacity.

Here's how it breaks down:

High Schools - Capacity 13,006/Enrollment 12,763 - Utilization 98%
Middle Schools - Capacity 14,335/Enrollment 9,921 - Utilization 69%
Grade Schools - Capacity 28,095/Enrollment 24,271 - Utilization 86%

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Anonymous said...

USD 259 officials say that shifting school boundaries is a dofficult problem. But when new schools are built, they must shift boundaries in much the same way. SO why not shift boundaries now and be done with it, instead of spending millions on new schools that aren't needed?