Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Can You Smell That Smell?

. "Debate" de·bate

1. To consider something; deliberate.
2. To engage in argument by discussing opposing points.
3. To engage in a formal discussion or argument.

Mark McCormick titled his latest attack-column with an interesting proposition, that "Naysayers shouldn't drive the bond debate". Were Mr. McCormick to be forthright, the column would have been titled "Anti-bond people should just shut-up because I don't like them".

Not only does Mr. McCormick's column reek with the strong odor of desperation of someone unable to defend his position on the merits, it is written in a manner remincient of a seven year old who has just learned he will not be getting a new bike for his birthday.

"That's not fair," McCormick eloquently explains before he starts the name calling:

-enthusiastic doubt
-forces pulling us backward
-standard bearers of cynicism
-opponents of public education
-offer no viable alternatives
-only contribution is to say 'no'
-mean the district--and its students--no good

Mr. McCormick's ability to look into the hearts of men and women in this community and devine their motivations is nearly as impressive as his ability to turn a string of ad hominem attacks into a 541 word column for which he receives a paycheck.

McCormick does pose one interesting question "Who's advocating for kids?" Here is the simple dicotomy Mr. McCormick creates:

The district leadership honestly advocating for kids because they are working for free, versus the evil anti-progress child haters who are only interesting in frightening the voting public.

As usual, McCormick lets concepts like "competence", "results" and "accountability" slide. In McCormick's happy world, it only matters that CARE, the 259 Board and Schaefer, Johnson, Cox & Frey care about kids.

Mr. McCormick is less concerned about the 25% of USD259 students that don't graduate, than he is with "moving forward". McCormick is unconcerned by the paltry bond amounts set aside for the AAA schools, but worried about "opportunities".

The only thing more pathetic than Mr. McCormick's unrepentant nastiness, is the number of USD259 students who can't read his column....too bad he is more concerned about creating the perception of "progress" than actually preparing kids for life.


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