Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sarah Olson makes Chicken Salad


"I don't think (low turnout) is a statement that people are saying no. In fact, you could see it the other way around: People must not be that negative about it."

So says Sarah Olson, head of Citizens Alliance for Responsible Education (go ahead, google it). The problem seems to be that attendance at the Super-Duper rally meetings for the bond issue has been what can charitably described as "thin". The Wichita Eagle describes the scene:

About 40 people attended the first meeting at Seltzer Elementary School last month -- most of them school district officials or members of CARE. Subsequent meetings have drawn fewer people.

Our esteemed school board was kind enough to move the goal posts at the request of Sarah Olson and her CARE organization, to ensure that they enough time to adequately inform the public about the great advantages of the $350 million bond proposal.

This is the best CARE can do?

Nobody showed up because they all love the idea of higher property taxes and giving more money to a school district that can barely get 3/4 of the students to graduate?

Let's take Sarah absurdity to it's logical conclusion in a couple other contexts:

-If no one showed up to Mayor Brewer's campaign rally he could reasonable believe everyone thought he was doing a great job.

-No tickets are sold to a concert at the Orpheum because everyone enjoys the band's music so much they want to stay home and listen to their albums.

-Poor attendance at school would indicate that a student has already learned everything and is smarter than all the other kids.

-The lunch crowd at Crazy Joe's Possum BBQ is almost nonexistent because people just love that smoked possum too much.

Heck, even without the benefit of a secret survey, an 8 year old can figure out that if no one comes to her birthday party it doesn't mean that 'people must not be that negative about it.'


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